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Divi Masonry Gallery

Divi Gallery Extended – A Masonry Gallery Plugin for Divi

Divi Gallery Extended plugin will let you create stunning Divi masonry galleries. It is lightweight, easy to use, and includes features you’ll love!

Select Images Manually or by Category

Two Divi Masonry Gallery Modules

It’s now easier to create Divi masonry galleries with Divi Gallery Extended. Its two different masonry gallery modules enable you to add images to the gallery one by one with its intuitive controls. Or if you’re in a hurry, then you could do that by simply assigning images a category and then in the Dynamic Masonry Gallery module, select the particular category and pictures associated with that category will fall under masonry formation.
Divi Masonry Gallery
Categorize Images In Your Galleries

Category Filter

Let them see what they want to see. The latest category filter in the Divi Gallery Extended plugin will allow you to add a Category Filter bar on top of the masonry gallery. So, users can easily switch between images of different categories or kinds. You can provide them with the filter bar having an ALL button or not; it’s totally up to you.
Overlay and Lightbox Color Control

Show Images in Lightbox & Slideshow

Upon seeing a beautiful image, your website visitor might want to check it out closely. Therefore, to save them zoom using their browser, display images beautifully in a Lightbox with a Slideshow having slider arrows and other beautiful effects when they click on the image. Makes a gallery perfect for any occasion and websites of different types.
Link Images to an External URL

Take Users to a Targeted Page

Make use of your masonry gallery images more than just engaging users on the webpage. Else, bring more to the table by linking them to a URL and benefit the business when they serve you a better conversion rate. You can open the URL on the same page or to a new window if that feels cool to you — Everything is in your control.

Category Filters and Linking Made Easy!

Different Customization Options to Beautify Your Masonry Galleries

The Divi Gallery Extended plugin comes with a lot of different options that can make beautiful images look more precious and adoring. It is designed to enable every Divi web designer to easily make the presence of a masonry gallery highly appreciable with design options like Title & Caption Styling, Support for images of different sizes, add image border, turn edges round and much more. Try it now to find out yourself.
Create Compact and Open Style Galleries

Control Space Between Images

Yes, you can do that easily by just moving a slider in the settings. It makes your masonry gallery images look more spacious and vivid if you add space in between them. Moreover, you can save a little space on your webpage and add another useful element by keeping less or no space between the images. Thus, it allows you to add masonry galleries that can fill the room or make one, whenever required — flexible for quality work.
Create Masonry Galleries for Devices of Any Size

Column Control for Different Devices

Whether you add a masonry image gallery for desktops or a tablet, it will look good no matter what device your website visitor use due to its high responsiveness. Plus, using the separate number of columns option for each device, you can create diversity in your masonry gallery layout. The gallery will perfectly fit each device’s resolution with defined separate columns —no extra work needed. And, you don’t have to press hard and think how it will on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile phone. Because it will look good the moment you add it on the site.

Large Gallery? You have a Pagination Control!

Pagination Control

Use the inbuilt pagination feature to display the images using availabe numbered pagination in the plugin.

Masonry Gallery Example #1

Dynamic Masonry Gallery Example #3

Masonry Gallery Example #4

Masonry Gallery Example #5

They’re loving it! 

{This plugin gives me exactly what I want and saves me some time on dealing with the coding. I had some issues using this plugin with another plugin on my page (something about the coding of this plugin conflicting with the other). I logged in ticket and contact the author, they replied to me as soon as they can. Their support team is good and the team helped me to solve the problem in a timely manner. The problem got fixed and I can run my page smoothly now. Thanks, team~ 🙂
yuen ting simme
{Beautiful and modern image galleries
{Great Gallery!!
{Works like a charm + great support
{Simple and very useful. Love it!
{Absolutely perfect! Works as advertised and was a great fix for my Divi site. Thank you!

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